Nonprofit work is the hardest work you will ever do. It’s also the most rewarding.

DDP knows that having clean data is an on-going battle fought by many. But clean data is key to strategic decision making and assessing the health of your donors and operations. Whether you're a traditional nonprofit or a membership-driven association, we can help. 


After cleaning and consolidating your data, DDP can design customized dashboards to evaluate program and fundraising outcomes. We will work behind the scenes so you can raise more money (from the best prospects), tell your stories, and serve the people who count on your mission.

CLICK HERE to see dashboard examples we've designed with nonprofit clients in mind.

DDP's cloud-based solutions are available in a mobile app, and easily transferred to PowerPoint of PDF format for sharing.

If your CRM has complicated reporting features, or if you don’t have a person on your team to provide comprehensive reporting, contact us! DDP can provide those services, save you hours of time, and reduce administrative stressors.

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