Stop wasting time and money searching for

lending data and prospects.

Lending Intel is a dynamic prospecting and recruiting tool for commercial and residential lenders.


Available in early 2021, Lending Intel summarizes lending activity and tracks key pieces of data for mortgages filed in Central and Northwest Arkansas (for now). This interactive, dynamic, efficiency-enhancing tool delivers granular information ideal for business development, competitor analysis, and identifying opportunities for residential and commercial lenders.


With just a few clicks, your lending teams will have access to borrower and mortgage intel down to a zip code level. Lending Intel also provides details on mortgages connected to LMI census tracts, HUB Zones, and Designated QOZs.

Lending Intel gives you immediate access to:

  • Borrower and lender names

  • Loan type (commercial, construction, residential)

  • Lender type

  • Dollar amounts and number of mortgages

  • Loan filing and maturity dates

  • Property addresses

  • Summaries and details by county, city, zip code

  • Individual loan originator’s name, NMLS #, production levels and borrower relationships

Lending Intel gives you competitive intelligence, including strategic client prospecting, recruiting quality talent, and more!


  • Includes an exportable directory to easily access borrowers and property addresses, with the ability to filter by multiple data points.

  • Identifies loans by maturity and filing dates, providing prime refinancing opportunities.

  • Summarizes national PPP data for loans of at least $150,000, allowing you to identify prospects or candidates for a commercial line of credit.

  • Tracks individual Loan Originator activity, summarizing production levels in each market, potentially mitigating the time and risk involved in your hiring process.


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