Data Driven Partners’ team loves data, and we’ve not yet met an operational challenge we haven’t liked.


We also know that now, more than ever, making data-driven decisions will be mission critical.

We are not business consultants, but we do provide customized data visualization and business intelligence services

Using your combined data sources, DDP will design dashboards to track, measure, and see the results of your strategy and work. These dashboards will measure key metrics for your organization, and help you understand results, manage your teams, recognize opportunities, and shift as needed. The dashboards and reports are cloud-based, accessible in a mobile app, and easily transferred to PowerPoint and PDF formats for sharing. 

DDP will measure and report so that you don’t have to. Answers will be at your fingertips, eliminating the need to manually run and combine reports for important meetings or presentations.

These dashboards, built entirely for your business, will help you work smarter and lead well.


They are magic, and will change the way you do business. We promise.

CLICK HERE to see a few examples of dashboards we've designed with corporate clients in mind.

If your organization has partners/shareholders and members/associates, TAKE A LOOK at this dashboard.

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