Data Driven Partners’ mission is to help corporate and nonprofit clients utilize their data to work smarter and make the most informed decisions.


DDP provides customized data visualization and business intelligence services. We actively listen and interpret our clients’ needs, and then empower them with clever, effective, technology-based solutions.


Using your combined data sources, we'll design affordable, interactive, comprehensive dashboards and reporting tools just for you. Every client has different needs and every solution we design is different. 


We only take on work that we’re passionate about and we don’t take on jobs where we can’t add value. Our engagements are interpreted as partnerships. We are motivated by data problems and inspired by finding answers.

For our nonprofit partners, Data Driven Partners provides a wider range of services, the root being operational efficiency, reporting, donor analysis, and fundraising coaching. DDP also has a network of fundraising professionals prepared to handle other aspects of fundraising. 

Regardless of your industry or sectorwe can work magic with your data to help you achieve your goals.

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