About Us

Data Driven Partners helps corporate and nonprofit clients utilize their data to make the most informed decisions. We are motivated by data problems, finding answers, and adding value. Our engagements are interpreted as partnerships, and our goal is to be your permanent business intelligence provider.

DDP provides customized data visualization and business intelligence services. We do not offer a canned product or solution. Instead, we actively listen and interpret our clients’ needs, and then empower them with clever, effective, cloud-based solutions. Every solution we design is unique.

DDP’s customized dashboards alleviate reporting headaches and give our clients powerful tools to see results. As strategies change and opportunities emerge, the dashboards can be revised, updated, or expanded.

As your data visualization partner, we will provide a customized solution to help you understand outcomes, manage your teams, and recognize opportunities.

Our Partnership Philosophy

Data Driven Partners believes real partnerships and progress take time, but we are prepared to provide short or long-term support for your team. If you need DDP to complete a special data-related project, we are ready to help.